Project: Reincarnation

What is Project: Reincarnation?

Project: Reincarnation is the videogame me and my partner, Clayton ( Here is his website if you'd like to see more of him ) have been working on since the beginning of senior year. The basis of the game is that it is set roughly 200 to 500 years in the future, after nuclear fall out. A company, named Reincarnation, is making an effort to reclaim the lands outside of the pockets of civilization that currently stand, as those pockets are starting to become too full.

The character is one of the recent recruits of the company, and is one of the agents they have sent out on the reclaiming mission. They were told that the mission would be simple and quick, with minimal danger involved.

However, they soon realize that nothing is as it seems, or as told...

My role in the project

In our project, Clayton decided to take over the coding part and the parts that make the game work, while my role fit into the creative part of the equation. I handled the story, the designs,the models, and aided in the background and the music.