About Fex Martin

Hello! Welcome to my website. My name's Fex Martin. I'm more of a 'jack-of-all-trades' and 'master-of-none' type of person, who typically does drawings, and hoping to do more into animation and eventually game design.

My ultimate goal after I graduate highschool and then college is to start working for a major game design company, and then eventually start my own company for game design, that also focuses on animation for things like cartoons. I also hope to start a program that helps kids who want to learn animation and game design be able to have access to the necessary tools to do so, in places where game design and animation may not be considered a 'major' thing, where it's prescence is practically zilch.

The programs I use the most are Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects. As stated earlier, I mainly create drawings, and am attempting to learn better animation. I also create and edit stupid and silly videos with my free time to better my skills with video editing. I'm hoping to eventually learn how to take better photographs, and be able to use Adobe Photoshop to it's full extent.

I value integrity and hard work. I believe that without integrity and originality, then what's the point of creativity? Without integrity and honesty, things tend to fall apart fairly quickly, and that a trustworthy company is a strong company. Same with a person. I also value hard work, as if you don't work hard you typically do not succeed in life. If you do not work hard, then you do not maximize your full potentional.